Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic


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Whether you know it or not, the wallop of flavor and spice in Bobbie’s Boat Sauce has been missing from your life. That all changes now. Tomatoes, chilis, aromatics, fish sauce, spices, and lime are blended into a condiment that defies categorization.  It's more than a hot sauce. It’s Boat Sauce. Invented on a boat, perfected in Portland Oregon, and enjoyed with everything. Bobbie's Boat Sauce is distinctive, wildly versatile, and possibly the last condiment you will ever need.

Bobbie's Boat Sauce CLASSIC is a spicy-but-not-too-spicy concoction you'll use in place of ketchup or hot sauce, and that you'll use in places where you might never try ketchup or hot sauce. From eggs and avocado toast to grain bowls to the secret ingredient in your meatloaf, Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic sets a course to your mouth on the Sea of Delicious. 

9 oz.





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