Gingham Bandana Mask + 1 Filter


Scough brand masks feature an industrial-grade carbon air barrier inconspicuously tucked into a 100% cotton bandana. Each mask is  28" x 14" with a hidden pocket and includes one filter.  Features include Elastic Band Neck Loop and adjustable nose clip.

How to use:

Insert filter into the bandana pocket. Expand the neck loop. Place loop behind the neck and under ears. Tie bandana behind head and pull up over nose. Press down on nose crimp to get a good fit.

Filters are most effective for 3 months after unsealing. Average filter efficiency is 99.4%.

Made in Brooklyn with 100% cotton, activated carbon, EPA registered silver nanoparticles, meltblown and non woven polypropylene. Not intended to be used for medical purposes. Nelson Laboratories Certified.

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