Epoch Nixie Clock


Using genuine vintage Nixie display tubes, these clocks add style to your bedside table, desk, or mantle.  Each is individually crafted from select maple hardwood, hand-finished and assembled.  A laser cut hardboard back provides visual contrast. Dimmable digits and 12/24 hour display let you adjust the clock to your preference.

The clock runs on a 9V adapter (included) and consumes less power in a month than a 40-watt bulb does in one day.

  • Individually crafted from maple hardwood
  • 12 and 24 hour display modes
  • Dimmable digits
  • Uses 9V adapter (included)
  • 6.75"w x 3.1"h x 3"d
  • Easily replaceable display tubes

Made in the USA by Tungsten Customs

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